Photography by Amber Garling

After four years of using all of my free time fostering and volunteering for the benefit of dogs, I found myself employed by the second largest rescue in Oklahoma. What I learned about myself over this period of employment is that my heart is just too tender to watch dogs having to be displaced from their homes for one reason or another. 

I began to notice a pattern, more often than not, these dogs all shared one thing in common. Untrained dogs with behavioral issues are those most often looking for a new home. Adorable 8-10 week old puppies turn into wild 8-10 month old puppies. All puppies need guidance and it’s never too late to start. 

So, my next logical move was to help people keep their dogs and I planned to do so through positive reinforcement training. I accepted a position training dogs in a corporate environment and dove in head first. When I wasn’t physically at work, I was reading, taking classes with fellow trainers with my dog, Wiley, and I was watching her behavioral issues lessen and our relationship strengthen. 

To date, I have helped train over 300 pet owners to work as a team with their dogs. To date, I’ve kept all of these dogs out of our local shelters and in the comfort of their homes with the family they love. 

This is the most important work I’ve ever done and I want to do this work with you and your dog. 

“Dogs do speak, but only to those that know how to listen”

Just a few of my students ...

Dana’s Doodle Dogs on Etsy

danas doodle dogs

I’m a self employed Dog Trainer in Oklahoma. I landed in my field after years of working for and volunteering with rescue organizations around the Oklahoma City metro area. I love everything animal related and started drawing dogs to help calm my anxiety. This activity quickly went beyond a small hobby and I’ve been working on creations, that I refer to as “Doodle Dogs”, for all of my animal rescue friends and advocates. Many have suggested an Etsy Shop, so here we are! My hope is to bring joy to dog lovers, one pupper at a time.

danas doodle dogs